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Introducing 2Fuel Technologies: The Future of Diesel and Propane Motor Fuel Systems

Overview of 2Fuel Tech

Hino Gas is proud to be the sole distributor of 2Fuel Technologies in Texas, offering a revolutionary Diesel and Propane Motor Fuel System to Fleets in the local RGV areas and South Texas regions.


Key benefits
of 2Fuel Tech

Cut emissions by up to 70%
Save diesel by up to 50%

Propane Vapor Injections
For Diesel Engines

2Fuel Tech is the only Dual-Fuel System with an OEM level EPA Certification.

propane for fleet owners


Compressor & Generator Engines
propane for oilfields


Compressor & Generator Engines
john deere tractor


Irrigation Pump Engines & Tractors

The 2Fuel Tech Motor Fuel System communicates and works with Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Paccar.

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detroit diesel
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How 2Fuel Tech Works

2Fuel Tech is a Diesel Dual-Fuel (DDF) retrofit system, allowing diesel engines to seamlessly blend Propane (LPG) with Diesel.

Average Displacement

50-70%, based on factors like propane type, engine tier rating, and specific application.

Fuel Flow Control

Manages both diesel and alternative fuel rates, compatible with any diesel engine.

OEM Engine Compliance

Maintains optimal engine performance throughout the entire load system.


Can revert to 100% diesel when needed.

Advantages and Efficiency

2Fuel Tech stands out in the industry with the highest End of Day Dilution Percentage, translating to superior ROI.

Fuel Blend

Maintains original engine torque and horsepower across the torque curve.

Diesel Consumption

Substituting propane while preserving engine efficiency.


Proven to increase engine efficiency by up to 10% or more in torque and horsepower at lower RPMs.

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