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At Hino Gas, we are committed to delivering top-quality propane solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With 60+ years of expertise in the industry, we pride ourselves on our reliability, efficiency, and commitment to customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective propane services. We cater to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring that our customers receive the best energy solutions tailored to their requirements.


Hino Gas is dedicated to contributing positively to the communities we serve and to the environment. We adopt sustainable practices in our services and strive to make a difference.

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Homeowners prefer Propane Energy because it’s highly efficient, economical and versatile for many different uses on residential properties.


Commercial and Industrial Installations are our specialty.

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The Hino Gas Story

Alejandro Hinojosa, Sr.

In 1963, Alejandro Hinojosa, Sr. saved enough money to purchase one propane bobtail truck and began to deliver propane to mostly rural domestic customers in Cameron and Willacy Counties. Mr. Hinojosa did everything himself in those days: he was the mechanic, the dispatcher, the accountant, the receptionist, the propane service technician and the driver to deliver the product to people’s homes.

| In time, Alejandro Sr. began to receive a reputation from his customers as a “man of his word.”

He also became known as a hard-working, reliable and honest person who would always be there no matter what weather conditions or otherwise to deliver propane or LP Gas. Later, he would pass this characteristic on to his future employees as a criteria of success.

In 1967, Alejandro hired his first employee. Hino Gas in Harlingen during the Oil Embargo of the 70′s grew quickly due to certain “allocations” of gas given to marketers by producers. Hino Gas was one of the fortunate companies to be given an allocation where many other marketers in South Texas and Northern Mexico were not able to purchase gas from any other company but Hino Gas. Soon, Hino Gas due to the embargo and some acquisitions of other propane companies including Big Valley Butane located in Port Harlingen and Rio Hondo LP Gas, became one the largest competitors in Cameron and Willacy Counties.

Growth at Hino Gas continued on in the late 70′s and on into the 80′s. In 1978, Alejandro Sr. bought Manske Propane in Brownsville at the corner of FM 802 and Hwy 281 and rebuilt an office and propane facilities there. In 1986, Hino purchased Valley Fisheries Propane Company in Port Isabel. 

| In 1995, Alejandro Sr.’s son, Alejandro Jr. joined the team at Hino Gas.

Today, Hino Gas has 26 employees in Harlingen, Brownsville and Port Isabel. The majority of these employees have worked with Hino for 10 and 15 years or more. Hino Gas now serves approximately 9,000 Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers in Cameron, Willacy and Hidalgo Counties in Deep South Texas.

While Hino Gas continues to service residential and commercial customers in all aspects, including Tank and cylinder sales and piping system installations just as Alejandro Sr. did in the early 60′s, Commercial and Industrial service is “Our Specialty.” The level of expertise is unmatched in South Texas in the field of Commercial Water Heating, Steam Generation, Gin Applications for Drying and Commercial Kitchens whether the application calls for LP Liquid or Vapor service and any other process using propane gas for heating of any kind of substance. 

Hino Gas has also “Perfected the Art” of RV Trailer park service. Hino Gas is the premiere specialist in serving these RV parks not only because of honest, reliable service, but because Hino Gas has also perfected a scheduling system to ensure that no matter how much demand on even the coldest day, all of the people served in the number of parks served by Hino never go without propane.

Hino Gas is the only L.P. Dealer in South Texas which has the man power and equipment to service the largest R.V. Parks in Cameron County.

| Commercial and Industrial service is “Our Specialty.”

Additionally, Alejandro Sr. was the first in the Valley and even in the State of Texas to use small one-ton bobtails for propane delivery in RV Parks instead of the traditional large and heavy two-ton trucks which can potentially cause damage to the parks’ streets.

At Hino Gas, the customer is always first. Alejandro’s Sr.’s philosophy has always been, “no customer, no job; no job, no living.” Hino Gas has always striven to have a “working-team relationship with the customer” where the satisfaction in price, service, and reliability are primary to the satisfaction of the customer and hence the livelihood of the Hino Gas Team and their families. Hino Gas has always believed in and advocated “repeat business” and the only way to achieve this is to practice the philosophy of Mr. Hinojosa. Alejandro Sr.’s philosophy of Hard Work, Honesty, Service, Safety, Competitive Price and Courteous service has been the main reasons for the company’s success over the last 36 years. With this creed and the new directions being pursued by the members of the Hino Team and the Hino Family, many more services, savings and benefits to the consumer and the community will continue.

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